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"Whip up some arcade magic!"

You heard right. Meet Simon the Wizard. We know that "Sorcerer" sounds more catchy with the name Simon, but hey, if Simon says he wants to be called a Wizard, a Wizard he is!

by Phelios
Free Abracadabra Games Downloads

FREE Abracadabra trial version
(.exe, Mb)
Free Abracadabra Game Download

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Abracadabra Game screenshot 1 Abracadabra Game screenshot 2 Abracadabra Game screenshot 3
FREE Abracadabra trial version
(.exe, 11.0 Mb)
Free Abracadabra Game Download
FULL Abracadabra unlimited version
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Abracadabra Game descriptions and features

Abracadabra is a puzzle game that will take you on a magical trip. Create or destroy your destiny with the "Whack!" of a magic wand. That wand, by the way, is of key importance and could save your life. With it, you'll make or break walls. You'll also launch spells and powers to control the fire breathing dragons, monsters and others trying to steal your magic.

Your main mission is to find a key without having your journey thwarted. You'll use your supernatural powers wisely to protect you from the vile creatures trying to foil your task.

Don't worry, there isn't just evil lurking, you'll also discover mystical fairies who will take you shopping! Yup, grab some gold and fill your cart with magical powers and more...

Game features:
  • Solve 9 FREE levels in the demo, and over 115 levels in the full version!
  • Awesome graphics and animation
  • Fun sound effects
  • Magical Hip Soundtracks

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