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"Take an unforgettable trip into a forgotten time and explore the mythical and gorgeous land of Aquitania!"

Once upon a time there was a place called Aquitania... A magic land of beautiful blue lakes green fields and thick forests, inhabited with fabulous elves, gnomes and other fairy creatures. A lot of the secrets were hidden under the green cover of this wonderful country... Awem Studio invites you to make an unforgettable trip into the world of forgotten magic and to disclose the most enchanting places of the Middle Ages in a captivating puzzle game - Aquitania!

by Awem Studio
Free Aquitania Games Downloads

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Free Aquitania Game Download

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FREE Aquitania trial version
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Free Aquitania Game Download
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Aquitania Game descriptions and features

Aquitania game features:
  • Gorgeous treasure to collect.
  • Journey into the world of magic.
  • Original bonuses and special effects.

My name's William. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'll be seven years old. I've been waiting for this day for a year. Why do people have birthdays just once in a year? That would be great if they occurred every month or even better, every day. That's so cool to get presents! This morning my dad came up to me and asked what I wanted to get. He said that I could wish the most precious gift. As he was leaving he asked me to tell him about by decision before dusk. The whole morning I was hanging around and thinking about toys, candies and other regular stuff. At noon I went to the sorcerer who lived on the edge of wood. I thought that he would know for sure what the most precious gift was.

I greeted the sorcerer and asked him what the most precious gift was. He pondered on my question - The most precious gift? I don't know. Go to the cave behind the castle. They say the most precious thing is there. And, William, could you take this potion to a friend of mine? His name's Stranger. You'll meet him near the Cathedral...

I sat by the boulder to have a rest and remembered the sorcerer. He was a bit weird. Probably he just wanted me to take the potion instead him. I should find Stranger as soon as possible and go to the cave.

Explore the mythical land of Aquitania.

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