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Around 3D

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"Around 3D is remake of classic collapse game!"

New collapse game release - 3D Around. Take a trip around the world with Around 3D - remake of classic Collapse game. All fans of collapse, mosaic, puzzles - meet a new favorite in the world of 3D games.

by Novagame
Free Around 3D Games Downloads

FREE Around 3D trial version
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Free Around 3D Game Download

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Around 3D Game screenshot 1 Around 3D Game screenshot 2 Around 3D Game screenshot 3
FREE Around 3D trial version
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Free Around 3D Game Download
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Around 3D Game descriptions and features

If you are a devoted fan of collapse game, if you sleep and dream about highlands, imagine yourself climbing Alps and Rocky Mountains, or conquering unassailable fortress, this is the right game for you to choose. This is your chance to become a real heights hero. 3D Around builds huge walls of colorful bricks and you need to be a skilled player to break these enormous blocks. You need to be persistent and fast to go through multiple levels and be sure they won't end up. In case you get tired of speed and action you may take minutes of rest and try Remover mode that demands heavy thinking. You will spend a lot of time puzzling but undoubtedly get tons of pleasure when huge wall will collapse and give you way to the next level. Collapse and Remover mode are deigned especially as to give you the most pleasant game play, varying your rest. Game options let you adjust the game to your special taste. You may start playing from any level you prefer and speed up your game. Collapse Classic collapse game with time-proved game play, for the fans of fast playing. Choose your level and speed. Remover Meditative puzzle game for those who prefer quiet playing. Think over the best winning strategy. Download 3D Around and you will have both classic collapse and 3D puzzle game for rest. Purchase the game and you will have:
  • unlimited level number in collapse game
  • ability to play on medium and hard skill levels
  • all updates and level packs are free
  • more and more game skins
  • all updates are free

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