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"Open your mind for Asian wisdom in this puzzle game!"

Can there be anything more enjoyable than fingering knocking marble balls while listening to the beautiful oriental music? Only one thing - arranging ball combinations in Asianata - the new exciting puzzle game from KraiSoft Entertainment. Play with vivid many- colored balls, make them roll and slide along stone plates to come into a color-matching combo. You'll love that feeling.

by Kraisoft Entertainment
Free Asianata Games Downloads

FREE Asianata trial version
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Free Asianata Game Download

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FREE Asianata trial version
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Free Asianata Game Download
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Asianata Game descriptions and features

Asianata's world have anything for you to play with the light heart and open mind. Nice Asian environment where you play in the shade of the lofty pagoda. Realistic physics letting you feel every ball you move into a combination and sometimes play against gravity and wind. Stone guides and plates for the balls to roll along and fall upon. Bonus balls such as Bomb or Shuriken to enrich your playing experience. Puzzle mode with 30 puzzles to test your mind and dexterity. Smooth oriental-style music. And much, much more.

Game features:
  • Colorful balls live in the real world - they roll, they fall, they bump and come into heaps.
  • Forces of nature such as gravity and wind makes balls even more live and your game even more gripping.
  • Lots of bonus balls to help you achieve your task.
  • Three game modes to test your skills: arrange hugest combos in
  • Strategy mode, Compete with time in Arcade mode, puzzle over making figures in Puzzle mode.
  • Relaxing oriental music will guide you through the game's world.
  • Player-friendly interface to change game options, store game progress for each player and more.
  • Detailed hall of fame for all game modes.
  • Ability to post your results to Asianata Worldwide Halls of Fame - Strategy, Arcade and Puzzle.

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