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Battle Snake

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Battle Snake is not classical snake game, Battle Snake is snake game of the new level marked with it's appearance the beginning of the new brunch of the development of the game genres. Classical snake base in this snake game greatly combines with action shooter activity. All the Battle Snake is done in classical 2D top view. In the century of the 3D arcade such games become a big rarity, so Battle Snake become a real gift for fans of snake games. No doubt, the thing which attracts your attention at once is gorgeous graphics of this snake game. Lively colored Battle Snake is divided into the 4 absolutely different areas, such as green flowery fields, cold icy north with it's snowfalls, underground caves with rivers full of lava, high-technological UFOs. Each area is features with it's special food.

by Realapex
Free Battle Snake Games Downloads

FREE Battle Snake trial version
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Free Battle Snake Game Download

Battle Snake Game screenshots, click images to enlarge

Battle Snake Game screenshot 1 Battle Snake Game screenshot 2 Battle Snake Game screenshot 3
FREE Battle Snake trial version
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Free Battle Snake Game Download
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Battle Snake Game descriptions and features

Battle Snake makes glad by it's endless fightings. Shots, explosions, snake's commentary - all this with action music. Choose the level of difficulty according to your skill and liberate the planet out of slavery. To make this attractive and driving process more fascinating you can play Battle Snake with your friend. What was a problem for one will be nothing for two.

Go through 80 levels guarded by alien robots in 4 areas and liberate the planet Snakeus out of slavery. Good luck on the way of liberation snakes from alien invaders!

Game features:
  • Fascinating game environment
  • Fast driving gameplay
  • 80 different levels with splendid design
  • 4 completely different arenas
  • Tons of food
  • Possibility to play together with one computer
  • A lot of robots with individual skills and habits, and also three BOSSES
  • Endless playability
  • Simple interface
  • Prerendered 2D graphics with splendid flowing animation
  • Stunning action music and professional live sounds
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Possibility of save and load
  • Combination of classical snake rules with arcade shooting elements
  • Many bonuses of positive and negative action
  • Random generated surface of battleground

Full version features:
  • 80 game levels
  • 4 unique game worlds
  • All game objects such as teleports, conveyers...
  • 14 various types of alien robots
  • Cheat codes
  • 2 bosses and SUPERBOSS at the end!
  • Multiplayer mode
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Never see the "Unregistered version" inscription
  • All future full versions of Battle Snake free of charge
  • Priority technical support

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