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"If you liked the classic arcade game Battle City, you will like our remake!"

Battleman is a remake of the old classic tank war game - Battle City. It pits your tank against a set number of enemy tanks in 50 different scenes of play. Your mission is to protect the war staff and yourself from hostile fire while blasting away your enemies. Destroying an enemy tank grants you points. Enemy tanks are color-coded green, yellow-black or gray. Different colors of tanks attack at different rates of speed and at different frequencies.

by Awem Studio
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Battleman Game descriptions and features

To assist your task in this tank war game, bonuses will be appearing in the stages. They will give you extra lives, arm points, double shell's power, double shell's speed, staff protection and immortality.

Walls are your basic defenses, and enemy tanks can also hide behind walls. They can be of four different types - brick, ironhead, camoufliage and water. Either type of tank can blast through the brick walls by firing upon them. As the tank war game progresses and the bullets fly, the walls will gradually disintegrate, making it hard to gain shelter from enemy fire.

The gameplay is challenging and engrossing, with unpredictable enemies and a nice mixture of elements borrowed from the old arcade tank war game Battle City. Sometimes the game is aspecially obsorbing, but you shouldn't forget that the main objective of this tank war game is to guard your outpost (located at the bottom center of the screen) at all costs. No matter how many lives are left, the game will end if the outpost is destroyed.

Game features:
  • breathtaking action!!!
  • joystick support
  • possibility of loading game
  • 3 enemy tanks types
  • 7 original bonuses
  • high-quality sprite animation of characters
  • 50 game stages
  • low price (only $14)

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