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"Guide Samantha on an enchanting quest to find her friends and family lost in the big city!"

Bewitched is a puzzle-based "Match 3" game composed of various game boards that are linked by a whimsical, "find your friends" story inspired by the classic Bewitched TV show. Match three or more playing pieces in order to score points and reveal a path for Samantha to follow. The object is to lead Samantha to the end of the path before the time expires. You'll find some power-up spells along the way, but beware of the dreaded Blockers that might make your journey a lot more challenging. Play in the whacky Story Mode, the high-score inducing Endless Mode or the challenging Match Mode. It's the only game that's truly "Bewitching".

by Gamehouse
Free Bewitched Games Downloads

FREE Bewitched trial version
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Free Bewitched Game Download

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FREE Bewitched trial version
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Free Bewitched Game Download
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Bewitched Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • A new take on the traditional "Match 3"
  • Three spellbinding game modes: Story, Endless and Match Mode
  • 41 levels in Story Mode
  • Hours upon hours of game play

"This was my favorite show growing up. Now I finally can be part of the action. It's almost like a choose your own adventure game. I love it."

"This game has me hooked. I could play this game all day. There's so many different levels I never know what's going to happen next. Well done. This is my new favorite."

"The minute I downloaded this game I new I had to buy it. Endless fun. Thanks GameHouse!"

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