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"Big$hot is an exciting strategy game about buying and developing business properties.Attend auctions, build monopolies, use your companies to build your other companies, Big$hot lets you do it all!"

In the world of Big$hot it's go time baby. Deals are flying in fast and furious and you need to make decisions.Your job is to build a portfolio of businesses that you can leverage into a business empire.What to hold, what to fix, what to package up and deal off: it's all about the art of the deal and you control everything.But watch out, there are a lot of shrewd players in this game and they are all out to be the richest, baddest tycoon in the city in a game that is never the same twice.Can you keep up?

by Rusty Axe Games
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FREE Bigshot trial version
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Bigshot Game descriptions and features

Bigshot Game Features:
  • Build Monopolies!
  • Never The Same Game Twice!
  • Wheel And Deal To Get Ahead!
  • Own Different Types Of Companies!

Are you a Big$hot?

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