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"This birdwatching game pits you with a camera! Great game for children!"

Your goal is to take pictures of birds as they fly across the screen. Each of the birds moves at a different speed. With your camera viewfinder you try to center the birds and click the mouse button, taking their picture.

by Green Forest Studio
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BirdWatch Game descriptions and features

You are awarded points based on how well centered the bird is in the picture. Since different birds move at different speeds, the points you awarded also differs for each bird. There is also a bonus that you can achieve by photographing the bonus bird shown at the bottom of the screen. The only thing to keep you from scoring a million points is that you have a limited number of photos. If you happen to photograph the Zeppelin, you will get all of your photos back so you can continue. There is also a time limitation, but it can be replenished like the photo limitation in the full version.

This is a perfect game for little ones. It is totally devoid of violence, presents fun and interesting graphics, and takes a good bit of skill to master.

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