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"Blockade is an extreme, striking, unbelievable, ultramodern 3D game!"

The fully 3D game made with the help of the latest technologies will bring you a great pleasure. A new game engine, special effects, 3D graphics made by the best designers and artists, real natural sound effects - all this stuff just can't help attracting your attention. The game has a very simple and understandable interface, simple rules, a huge number of all types of the game for your choice. And you will be very pleased to discover beautiful scenes. This is a smashing game without any exaggeration and it will be interesting for everyone: housewives and students, children and parents, programmers and secretaries. Only this game will help you to make you coffee break pleasant and useful. Only this game will allow you to relax to the full extent. You will love this game as you love your pet.

by Hive
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Blockade Game screenshot 1 Blockade Game screenshot 2 Blockade Game screenshot 3
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Blockade Game descriptions and features

Destroy groups of like-colored blocks moving them and collecting according type of the game. The Blocks - click anyone and move it necessary. The Color Bombs - destroy all blocks of the same color on the board. The Dynamite - destroy all blocks around this bomb.

Game features:

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