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"You have not seen a bomberman game like this one before!"

The action takes place in a labyrinth. The main hero, Bombardix, have to run away from the monsters and to kill all of them with his bombs. The goal is simple - you need to destroy all monsters in each level and find a door to proceed to the next level. Many different bonuses will help you on your way: Extra Life, Extra Bomb, Extra Explosion, Time-Fuse, Monster Freeze, Walk Wall, Armageddon, SpeedUp, Shield, etc.

by Awem Studio
Free Bombardix Games Downloads

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Free Bombardix Game Download

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Bombardix Game screenshot 1 Bombardix Game screenshot 2 Bombardix Game screenshot 3
FREE Bombardix trial version
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Free Bombardix Game Download
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Bombardix Game descriptions and features

If you want to have some fun on you lunch recess or just to relax at home, this Bomberman game is exactly what you need. Bombardix is a perfect Bomberman game. In addition to the excellent gameplay, usual for all classic arcade game, in this Bomberman game you get a perfect 2D graphic, which gives you an opportunity to play real bomberman game by placing you into the picturesque surroundings of one of the five imaginary worlds of Bombardix: Deep Forest, Desolate Wilderness, Swamp-Fever, Diamond-Mine, and Southerly Town.

Each level of this Bomberman game strikes you with its own uniqueness and diversity provided by numerous special effects, variety of enemies and bonuses, and nice music, composed specially to create its own atmosphere for each of the worlds. If you want to play a Bomberman game, if you are looking for a free Bomberman game download and, finally, if you are on the point to find Bomberman game for sale this is right here and this is right for you!

Game features:
  • breathtaking action!!!
  • joystick support
  • possibility of loading game
  • beautiful graphics
  • fine music
  • The Best Bomberman Game!

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