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"If you liked to break bricks you will love to crunch everything else - all levels are unique!"

BreakQuest is a full remake of the classic game Breakout. It features a flexible physics engine, advanced collision system, modern graphics and sound. Enjoy 100 unique scenes. All of them with their own colorful designs, crystal clear sound and elements behavior. Feel the full physics engine with advanced collisions. This allows for a completely new game experience in a freely shaped world and physically responding environment.

by Nurium Games
Free BreakQuest Games Downloads

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Free BreakQuest Game Download

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BreakQuest Game screenshot 1 BreakQuest Game screenshot 2 BreakQuest Game screenshot 3
FREE BreakQuest trial version
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Free BreakQuest Game Download
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BreakQuest Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • Look at spectacular, 16 million colors, ultra smooth animated graphics.
  • Flow with the music of the professional gaming music group 'Maniacs of Noise'. Extended sound track. Music Copyright (c) by Maniacs of Noise. All Rights Reserved
  • See the power of the advanced particle system, designed to create a wide range of sparkling visual effects.
  • Discover never seen before power ups and power downs, including 9 different weapons and much much more.
  • Featuring lots of original, powerful, fun, high quality sound effects.
  • Command the ship of your choice from 10 different models. Control its fully deformable bouncing surface to save the world, or just to have some fun.
  • Story mode with three difficulty settings each one, with fine tuned scenes configuration, including number and disposition of bricks, and bugs behavior. Get the Keys to defeat the evil empire 'Azimut Total Business' and save the world once again, at least save yourself from boredom.
  • Highly configurable arcade mode. Set up the game as you like: ball speed parameters, scenes configuration, bumper size, customize power ups, select what scenes you want to play and much more. Incredible replay value.
  • Guaranteed fun for you, from the first minute to the last second.


Nurium Games, an independent interactive entertainment studio, is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated game - BreakQuest. The game is a complete from-the-ground-up remake of the massively popular BreakOut arcade whose classic gameplay formula has been
radically enhanced to give players even far superior play experience.

In this obscenely addictive arcade, your objective will be to control your spacecraft and rescue the once idyllic world from the supremacy of the Corporation of Evil which is trying to enslave people and command their minds through the Dumb Box. As you struggle through 100 diversely-themed levels, you must take down impenetrable corporate structures with the fireball. Watch out! Weird bugs, aliens and bomb-gifts may steal one of your lives.

In addition to the original storyline, BreakQuest features revolutionary physics engine and advanced collision system that make the game more spectacular and fun to play. Unlike the big family of BreakOut clones, BreakQuest sports bricks that may have any shape or size and will move around according to their physical properties, interacting with springs, dampers and other elements. Some will hang, others will fall, grow, shrink, appear, vanish, respond to neighbor changes or even shoot at you!

Furthermore, paddle concept has been extended with a deformable bouncing surface to provide you with a high degree of control over fireball dynamics, not just at impact time but also afterwards with the on-ship gravitor. Fireballs themselves are not just circular but can have many shapes. You will also discover never seen before power ups like 9 powerful weapons, satellite balls and bumper surface deformation.

What's more, BreakQuest will surprise you with its outstanding 32bit graphics and accurate anti aliasing that deliver smooth animations even with object moving or rotating at low speeds. An advanced particle system is used to create hundreds of custom visuals. Cool sound effects and an extended sound track from the established gaming music group "Maniacs of Noise" perfectly complement vibrant visuals and create an absolutely immersive playing atmosphere.

Additional BreakQuest screenshots:

BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_02.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotBreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_03.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_04.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_05.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_06.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_07.jpg">BreakQuest screenshot
target="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_08.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_09.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_10.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_11.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_12.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_13.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_14.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">
BreakQuest <br>screenshothref="addssbig_16.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_17.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_18.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_19.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_20.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_21.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">
href="addssbig_22.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_23.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_24.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_25.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_26.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_27.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_28.jpg">BreakQuest screenshot
target="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_29.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_30.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_31.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_32.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_33.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_34.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_35.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">
BreakQuest <br>screenshothref="addssbig_37.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_38.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_39.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">href="addssbig_40.jpg">BreakQuest screenshottarget="_new" title="BreakQuest screenshot" href="addssbig_41.jpg">BreakQuest screenshotheight="38" border="0">BreakQuest screenshotsrc="addsssmall_42.jpg" width="60" height="38" border="0">

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