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"A tiny robotic chicken is trying to escape!"

New Chick-A-Droid is an original puzzle concept packed in a funny, board-like pc-game, with a touch of action and thrill. A tiny robotic chicken is trying to escape a mad scientist Dr. Kajiya and has 99 levels to pass and tons of keys to find, avoiding laser beams and missiles, in order to set himself free. You change the labyrinth as you move through it - you have to solve a tricky puzzle in every room.

by Alawar
Free Chick-A-Droid Games Downloads

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Free Chick-A-Droid Game Download

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FREE Chick-A-Droid trial version
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Free Chick-A-Droid Game Download
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Chick-A-Droid Game descriptions and features

In addition to 99 levels, some SPECIAL levels, made of color puzzles you should solve, are also waiting for you.

Unlike other shareware games, Chick-A-Droid uses truecolor mode (16.7 million colors) to amaze you with high quality pre-rendered graphics, giving you a feeling of a smooth, fluent motion.

Besides setting volume levels of music and sound effects, you can also control the difficulty of a game. You can turn off time limit, laser beams and/or cannons. Let your wisdom (and your bombs) be your guide.

Review by

"Gameplay in Chick-A-Droid is fairly original. The general idea is that each level is a grid of floor tiles. As your droid moves forward the floor gives way beneath you and gets dragged in the opposite direction. Sitting on the floor are keys, gems, walls, and other items that make up the various goals you need to solve a level. It basically acts like a maze that you have to navigate but the entire maze is shifting and changing on a single screen as you play. Gameplay suffers from a few problems though. First, I found that it was difficult to have a clear idea or goal to think about while solving the level. Chick-A-Droid often tends to lead the player in such a way that they find themselves trying to solve the puzzle by randomly navigating the maze to get to the next item. The maze changes in such a way that it's difficult to think ahead and solve the puzzle cleverly rather than by trial and error. It's not that you can't think ahead, but rather that trial and error element is very appealing. Can't go left... ok I'll try right. I'd say that maybe it's a fault of mine and that I'm a lazy thinker, but after speaking with a few people who've played the game, many expressed similar feelings. The second problem I have with the gameplay is that the arcade elements and the puzzle elements don't seem to mesh well. There are many arcade elements in the game like cannons firing at you, free men, an energy level, and bombs you can use to destroy enemies that seem somewhat out of place next to the puzzle side of the game. Arcade puzzle game mixes do often work well, but in this game the puzzle play itself is too slow and logical to mesh well with the arcade elements. It's a little like playing chess but ocassionally having to move a pawn to avoid a shot. Overall while the gameplay is unique and interesting, and the puzzle design pretty good, I get the feeling that it could have been much more fun with some tweaking and gameplay changes.

Sound and visuals are fantastic. The graphics are pretty much the best I've seen in a puzzle game of this sort. The rendered graphics are detailed, well animated, and presented with style. The floor-tiles flip and present the level number with a nice reflection off the side of the tiles as they spin. Your Chick-A-Droid walks and pecks and pops out of the floor in a smooth series of animated frames that are strictly top-quality graphic design and animation work. The interface graphics match the quality of the in game graphics right from the very first progress bar at the beginning of the game. Music in the game is quite nice and seems to fit the theme well. Sound effects are also very good.

I didn't have any trouble running the game. It's a robust program that appears to be bug free. The game interface is easy to use although entirely keybaord driven and there's no option to edit key bindings. Options are minimal, but you can tweak various game elements like allowing a level timer or not.

Chick-A-Droid is a well produced top-quality game. It's presentation is very professional and the sound and graphics are really 2nd to none in the casual puzzle genre. Given the care and work that was clearly put into this game, it's unfortunate, but I think to some extent that the game suffers because of it's unique design. It's like an idea that's great on paper, and mostly works in play but isn't quite as addicting as it should/could be. Still.. nobody will regret checking out this game. There's still lots of fun to be had and I'm sure the puzzles will appeal to many players."

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