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"CowBall, will bring color to your boring routine, you will have to break the village of the sleepy Indians with a ball!"

Experience a lack of action in your routine work? Cow Ball, an addictive constantly-moving arcade with a pinch of logic, will fill this gap by immersing you into the Wild West where you'll become a cowboy who has to literally raze to the ground the settlement of the Indians while they are asleep using a tennis-like ball. Your objective is to aim the ball carefully to cause a series of dynamic actions. After the successful launch of the ball, you will find the screen of your PC literally sparkling, banging and popping as walls, cattle-pens and other buildings are falling into pieces. Different creatures (chickens, moles, ostriches and even zombies!) residing in the field give you additional fun reacting comically when hit by the ball.

by URSE Games
Free CowBall Games Downloads

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Free CowBall Game Download

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FREE CowBall trial version
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Free CowBall Game Download
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CowBall Game descriptions and features

CowBall Game features:
  • 200 (!) awesome 3D Levels
  • Unique pipe construction for destroy!
  • Pure adrenaline action!
  • 8 different location!
  • Fantastic special effects
  • Day or night levels
  • New brick types through whole play

As to the game play, it is quite simple yet addictive and challenging. The game field represents a square picture (which changes several levels further) of an open range with the Indians sleeping in the background. There are different constructions, such as cattle pens, fences, even castles, inhabited by different creatures. The player, armed with a ball and a plow for a racket, is positioned at the bottom of the screen. To start the game, you just click a mouse button to throw a ball in the chosen direction. The ball will either strike the aim or bounce it off. In that case you will have to repel it with a plow in a ping-pong manner, otherwise the player loses a life point. If an aim is struck, it produces a bonus which you will have to catch with the plow.

In addition, CowBall is bolstered by gorgeous graphics and suitably stirring music that uniquely complements each level. The game offers 200 different levels that include countless variations of building arrangement inhabited by various creatures.

CowBall is perfect for those who would like to distract themselves from their routine in a most amusing and humorous way.

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