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Crazy Stuff

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"New great game from Brave Dwarves series - Crazy Stuff!"

There's no time for vacations when you are fighting evil. Wizards constantly take part in campaigns. They support warriors, examine mysterious runes, fight evil sorcerers and heal the world after wars and cataclysms. As you see, keeping peace is not a walk in the park.

by Gameover Games
Free Crazy Stuff Games Downloads

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Free Crazy Stuff Game Download

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FREE Crazy Stuff trial version
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Free Crazy Stuff Game Download
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Crazy Stuff Game descriptions and features

But everyone has a home - you return there fagged out, to freshen yourself up, relax and muster your strength. Once upon a time our friends - the best wizards of the Dwarves'race - came home after a very important mission. The house was a total mess. After spending a long time cleaning, one of the wizards decided to have some rest (after a wearisome mission, it's quite natural). Suddenly a brilliant idea came into his peaceful mind. - Dear colleague, may I have your attention please? - I'm listening, my friend. - I've got an idea. What if we put some energy into our utensils? Let the these look after the house instead of us. They can even clean it while we're out in campaigns. - Good idea, but doesn't it seem risky to you? We're both dabblers in the household magic. It's more of a job for witches. I'm afraid we can easily make a mistake. - Come on, should we be afraid of simple things like that? Every day we face much more dreadful things! - Dear colleague, you have convinced me. Let us make an elixir. And so the wizards discussed the formula and started preparing the solution. And after some time the time has come to do some testing. They took the first test with a broom, and it was a success - the broom started moving around the room, wiping dust out of corners and gathering cobweb. Great! The dwarves rushed to splash the elixir on the other things around the house. But, as soon as the friends left, the broom stopped wiping dust and showed its temper! It turned out that the thing acquired not only energy, but emotions, too. And who knows how it will deal with this. Will it see the difference between good and bad? Now utensils from different rooms form a crowd, pressing the wizards into the lab. The things went crazy. One of the dwarves had time to close the door right front of the attacking "helpers". Now the friends have to make a new elixir to dispel the first one! While one of them is doing his best to keep the door closed, the other is mixing components in a hurry. Mistake is not an option. Now, when the new solution is in the retorts, they just need to walk through the whole house and pacify the things. Let's see if they can cope with it ... Want to help them? All right, then open the door and go ahead!

Advantages of the full version
  • Game play without blood and violence for the entire family.
  • Funny gameplay elements: transporter, winds, special retorts...
  • Cooperative mode.
  • 10 sound themes.
  • Rich graphics artwork.
  • More than 60 levels.
  • Fighting with new strong creatures.
  • Posting your personal scores to Internet.
  • No nags! No limitations!

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