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"Wanted: Supreme Wizard to save a fairyland!"

In a fairyland, settled by good wizards, a calamity occurred. A comet came from the depth of the universe and scattered into thousands of fragments above forests, fields and rivers, turning them into the lifeless desert.

by Gulny Games
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Crystalix Game descriptions and features

In Crystalix, the new game of the action-puzzle genre, you will have to destroy the fragments of the comet with the help of magic artifacts and your own ingenuity. You will really have to do your best, because the comet fragments are almost impregnable and are destroyed only by touching them with magic colored figures. Move them along the game field to destroy the dreadful pieces of the universe evil!

In Crystalix, there are two game modes.

In Classic Mode, you need to remove all crystals and tokens from the game field. In Jewel Mode, you have to destroy the harmful crystals and fill the game field with your tokens.

Game features:
  • 70 thrilling levels
  • 2 game modes, each with different levels and game play
  • 8 types of bonuses
  • 15 types of magic figures
  • dynamic game world
  • unique game play
  • fabulous atmosphere that will make you spend hours on hours playing this game
  • a lifetime adventure

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