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Cubes Invasion

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"Time to celebrate for puzzle lovers of all ages!"

Sugar Games is excited to present Cubes Invasion, a complete from-the-ground-up remake of the No.1 blockbuster from the Eighties - Tetris. Cubes Invasion revives the legendary play spirit of Tetris which is now combined with all-new game mechanics, truly addictive play modes, stimulating bonuses, marvelous graphics and music and more! Cubes Invasion offers players 9 all-new play modes, excellent graphics and refreshing music to complement the legendary gameplay of its massively popular predecessor.

by Sugar Games
Free Cubes Invasion Games Downloads

FREE Cubes Invasion trial version
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Free Cubes Invasion Game Download

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Cubes Invasion Game screenshot 1 Cubes Invasion Game screenshot 2 Cubes Invasion Game screenshot 3
FREE Cubes Invasion trial version
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Free Cubes Invasion Game Download
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Cubes Invasion Game descriptions and features

Cubes Invasion is a Tetris-style rotate-and-match puzzle where multicolored cubes fall from above and you must arrange them in various patterns.

The peculiarity of the game is that each cube is diagonally divided into two parts. Parts of a cube may be colored the same or in two different colors.

Your objective is to rotate a cube and match it with another cube so that their chaining parts are of the same color. Whenever you have a chaining pattern of several cubes, they explode and you scores. You can increase your score by building longer cube patterns and exploding various bonus cubes. The game is over when the pit fills up and cubes can no longer fall from the top.

The game features 3 fresh playmodes, each with 3 difficulty levels so that everybody can find something to enjoy.

Tetris lovers can select Super Cubefall mode and experience the dynamism and fun of the legendary Tetris-style gameplay with cubes gradually falling faster as you go to the next level.

For a more thoughtful play experience, you may choose Cube Tamer mode which is all about building sophisticated cube patterns. Here, the length of cube patterns to explode gradually increases as you go from level to level.

Treasure Mania mode is for real winners who think and act fast. You start the game with a certain pattern of cubes at the bottom of the tip and several cubes are marked as "treasure". The key to success will be to explode all "treasure" cubes as fast as possible since the game time is limited.


  • Super Cubefall, Cube Tamer and Treasure Mania Play Modes
  • Juicy graphics and amazing visual effects
  • Dynamic and highly entertaining gameplay
  • Multiple bonuses
  • Original music tracks and breathtaking sound effects
  • Full-screen display available
  • Smooth game controls
  • High Score save

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