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Dr. Lunatic

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"Smash monsters, collect brains, and so much more!"

The evil Dr. Lunatic is taking the brains out of zombies and putting them into the heads of other zombies to create a race of super zombies! Only Bouapha possesses the cunning and resolve to put him on ice. Unfortunately, the vile doctor has quadruple padlocked his front door, so Bouapha is going to need to get the four Keys Of Lunacy to open it, and Dr. Lunatic has entrusted those to his poker buddies, who happen to live in widely disparate regions of the world. Can you beat Dr. Lunatic and his strangely monstrous poker buddies? Order it on CD to include background music - there is no background music in the download version!

by Hamumu Software
Free Dr. Lunatic Games Downloads

FREE Dr. Lunatic trial version
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Free Dr. Lunatic Game Download

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FREE Dr. Lunatic trial version
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Free Dr. Lunatic Game Download
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Dr. Lunatic Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • Over 70 levels in 5 completely different worlds.
  • Dozens of Power-Ups and Special Weapons to collect.
  • Tons of secrets to find, from hidden keychains to secret passages.
  • Solve puzzles by pushing blocks, flipping switches, or sometimes just blowing everything up!
  • Over 40 different kinds of enemies to toss hammers at.
  • Battle huge bosses that literally fill the screen!
  • Dynamic lighting effects allow you to explore dark caverns and light them up with exploding missiles.
  • A built in World Editor to create your own worlds to share with your friends.
  • Check out our Freebies page for the huge list of free add-on worlds available!
  • Supreme With Cheese (sold separately) is a little more expensive, but includes everything from Dr. Lunatic and over eighty more worlds, along with new weapons, items, and monsters and tons more!

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