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Free Epic Adventures: La Jangada Game

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Free Download Epic Adventures: La Jangada Game


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"Hunger. It's emotional! Help our expressive hero through the wacky world of Eets in this hilariously animated, puzzling treat!"

Eets is an emotional creature. Strolling around on a Sunday afternoon, Eets gobbles up unsuspecting marshmallow buds, chocolate chips, and other poor saps. All the while Eets' emotion swings by the whim of its taste buds. Eets is also afraid of the dark, startled by loud sounds, gets annoyed when random objects smack it around, and in general gets worked up on almost every little thing. You can help Eets find the way in this wacky world where non-sensical is the rule! Use exploding Superpigs, angry Giant Marshmallows, vengeful Marshomechs, spouting Prankster Whales, flying Radioactive Ginseng, and tons of other creatures of the world to guide Eets to safety!

by Klei
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Free Eets Game Download

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FREE Eets trial version
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Eets Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • Over 100 original, enjoyable puzzles!
  • Over 20 cool, quirky interactable items!
  • Share and download new puzzles online!

Help Eets solve puzzles in this quirky, emotional game. Over 100 original, enjoyable puzzles!

Dig into one amazing strategy game where the player manipulates Eets' emotions and behaviors through the use of food and other props to solve a puzzle. Use prankster whales, exploding superpigs, angry marshmallows and other amazing items to help guide Eets to safety and find his role in a wacky world where nonsense is the rule! With over 100 levels, trophies to win, and a slew of glowing reviews and awards, Eets is a sure-fire crowd pleaser!

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