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Free Epic Adventures: La Jangada Game

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"Red Dragon stole a Holy Gem, defeat it over 150 levels!"

The aim of the game is to defeat the Red Dragon who stole a Holy Gem. The Red Dragon occupies the 150th level. Your journey will not be an easy one. On each level, enemies of all sorts will try to stop you. Good luck!

by Gameover Games
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You are playing through a little fairy named Ptolemy. Ptolemy knows the incantation for turning her enemies into cakes. When being dropped from somewhere (either you or somebody else may push it or it may fall down by itself), the bewitched enemy expires. You can use your enemies as footholds for moving around the playground. Several special things emerge on the screen during the game. If you take them with you, they will help you to win. On some levels, the characters can be instantaneously moved by teleports. Be careful, in one of the teleports there is a hiding place of the worm that can grab and trap both you and your enemies. Advantages of the full version:
  • 150 levels
  • new items
  • new monsters
  • cheat codes
  • very fun gameplay

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