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"Lock and load to exterminate invading insects in our thrilling new arcade shooter!"

Ready... Aim... Fireflies! Evil insect forces have kidnapped your colony's queens, spelling doom for your collective unless you can protect its few remaining eggs. The embryos will eventually hatch into new queens if you can mow down the hordes of creepy-crawlies and winged menaces out to break or steal them.

by I Nova Games Team
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Feelers Game descriptions and features

Don't worry, as the heroic bug, Agent Brisk, you're outfitted with enough firepower for the job. From shotguns and bazookas to guided missiles and air strikes, you'll be able to exterminate your enemies with extreme justice. You'll need a quick trigger finger, though, to keep worms from booting the eggs off-screen and spiders from grabbing the embryos with their sticky webs!

If you accept this mission, intense action, awesome graphics and pulse-pounding audio will be your reward. Can you save the bug kingdom from disaster? Download Feelers today!

Game features:
  • 13 power-ups
  • 14 different enemies
  • 39 levels
  • Explosive audio
  • Free upgrades and technical support
  • Six stunning backgrounds
  • Six bone-jarring weapons

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