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"Fobos is a classic game concept placed in the absolutely new gaming environment!"

Fobos is an arcade that is a remake of popular game Motos, available in 1980s on many platforms. The plot is as follows - a space station has been attacked by space beetles. Your goal is to push them off each platform which make up the space station. Unlike the prototype, Fobos features several game modes (including multi-player), and comes with new bonuses and game elements. Arcade mode requires good reaction, strategy mode requires good thinking and necessity to plan several moves in advance.

by Alawar
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Fobos Game screenshots, click images to enlarge

Fobos Game screenshot 1 Fobos Game screenshot 2 Fobos Game screenshot 3
FREE Fobos trial version
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Free Fobos Game Download
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Fobos Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • 248 levels
  • 12 enemy types.
  • 4 sets of levels.
  • 3 game modes - arcade, strategy and multi-player (two players).

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