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"Impressive remake of the classical Pacman game!"

Pac-Man has been around the block a time or two, appearing in some form or another on just about every possible game console. After nearly two decades in the hearts and minds gamers everywhere, the famous yellow chomper changed his color into green and got a new name FunBoy. And now, you can meet you old friend on PC if downloading classic remake of Pac-man from this site.

by Awem Studio
Free FunBoy Games Downloads

FREE FunBoy trial version
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Free FunBoy Game Download

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FREE FunBoy trial version
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Free FunBoy Game Download
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FunBoy Game descriptions and features

Those who are looking for new Pacman game download can get it here and once again guide the round and green hero through levels of ever-increasing difficulty, on a mission to eat all of the pellets.

The main objective of FunBoy is to clear a maze of dots while avoiding the Demons located inside. Once a maze is cleared of dots, you move on to the next level. The Demons can be of three types and they are distinguished by their color. Blue Demons are really stupid guys. They don't care of the green Funboy and walk around the maze just for walk. There also can appear green Demons, who are quite annoying creatures. They can follow you in case you get too close. But still you can easily pull the wool over their eyes and go on eating your pellets:). And finally Red Demons are quite dangerous. Sometimes they behave so reasonably, that you begin to believe that they do really have some brains! And you have to run away from them as far as you can. Oh, by the way they move a bit faster, so watch out!

That would be rather difficult to get to the next level if there were no some great bonuses in the game. A red bonus in the shape of a heart adds you one extra life. Blue and red shield allows you to kill one Demon. And nice sweet snowflake can help you to freeze all the blue Demons for a while. There is one more wonderful bonus in the shape of multicolor ball. It can be of great help for you in case you really suffer from those nasty red Demons. Once you have it, all of red Demons became feeble and they cannot get you any more.

Are you in search of the old good classic Pacman game download? You can find it here! Just download this new Pacman game on you PC and help a small green FunBoy to eat all the pellets and get to the new level!

Game features:
  • breathtaking action!!!
  • joystick support
  • possibility of loading game
  • beautiful graphics
  • fine music
  • The Best Pacman Game!
  • low price (only $12.50)

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