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Garden Golf

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"Garden Golf is a new, high quality and easy to use mini golf (also called minigolf, miniature golf, mini putt, or putt putt golf) game!"

Enjoy three 18 hole courses packed with fun and varied obstacles, such as tunnels, treadmills and more! Perfect your technique in full-screen with 3D graphics and a light-hearted atmosphere. Publish your best score sheets on in one click for unlimited bragging rights!

by Funpause
Free Garden Golf Games Downloads

FREE Garden Golf trial version
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Free Garden Golf Game Download

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FREE Garden Golf trial version
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Free Garden Golf Game Download
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Garden Golf Game descriptions and features

Have fun with a true mini golf game where each hole is manageable and can be completed at or under par with practice and logic without having to follow the ball through a maze. Exercise your brain instead of your thumb!

Relax and play without looking at the clock and running up your phone and Internet bill: Garden Golf doesn't require you to be online at all.

Get an entirely different feel for the golf course by experimenting with three different types of ball that behave and bounce in completely new ways.

Safely share a cartoon-like, non-violent, light-hearted experience with your children, and watch them build self-confidence as their score keeps getting better. Share tips and challenge each other while having fun!

Enjoy mini golf in full-screen 3D even on a 3-years old PC: system requirements are very low. We believe everyone should be able to play quality games without having to get a brand new system!

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