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"It's Rowdy Rolling Rodent Racing!"

Are you ready for rowdy rolling rodent racing? In Hamsterball, race your hamster to the goal before time runs out! But beware, these fiendish courses will do anything to stop you! Play a time trial game, or take on the Hamster Tournament!

by Raptisoft
Free Hamsterball Games Downloads

FREE Hamsterball trial version
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Free Hamsterball Game Download

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FREE Hamsterball trial version
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Free Hamsterball Game Download
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Hamsterball Game descriptions and features

Those who loved the arcade great Marble Madness need look no further in finding a worthy new heir to the throne of Marble games. Hamsterball actually doesn't have a marble in it. Instead of a marble, you control a hamster who is running in a hamsterball. The simple goal is to get the hamster from the start line to the finish in the shortest amount of time possible.

However things are rarely that simple in the video game world, and Hamsterball is no exception. In the way of you completing your goal have been thrown many an obstacle. Dangerous hills, bridges, loops, trap-doors, saw blades and even innocuous looking fans all work to make the trip more difficult and more interesting at the same time.

Game features:
  • Twelve unique race courses, at three skill levels!
  • Multiplayer races and party games!
  • Play with mouse, joystick, keyboard or trackball!
  • Amazing musical soundtrack!
  • Record your best scores and times!
Try it now and see why Hamsterball was voted the Downloadable Game of the Year (2004) by the
Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences!

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