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Free Epic Adventures: La Jangada Game

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Free Download Epic Adventures: La Jangada Game


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"Explore the mystery of a long lost civilisation and find the temple of INCADIA!"

This unique adventure puts your mind into gears and sharpens your senses. The intuitive controls and easy to adapt game play lets you dive right into the game. Numerous special stones, bonus level and two completely different game modes await you. This journey through mysteries worlds will guarantee you many hours of gaming. Be up for the challenge and get yourself the treasure of INCADIA!

by Snowstep Development
Free Incadia Games Downloads

FREE Incadia trial version
(.exe, Mb)
Free Incadia Game Download

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FREE Incadia trial version
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Free Incadia Game Download
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Incadia Game descriptions and features

The ancient relics are falling from the sky and it is your job to group them to prevent them from building up to the top. This unique adventure and puzzle game demands quick reflexes and will require a sharp eye to succeed.

Game features:
  • Arcade mode with 20 level
  • Adventure-Story mode with 20 level
  • Challenging bonus level
  • Spezial artefacts like Buster, Flood or the Totem
  • Intuitive controls and game play
  • Compare yourself with players all over the world, with the build-in online highscore

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