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"Year 2546 - Planet Terria... You and your ship, the "Kai-jin" are the last hope for the Terrian Kind!"

Year 2546 - Planet Terria. For too long, genetically modified grown food, and pollution from the ocean and environment created a harmful impact on the natural food chain of Planet Terria. The insects and ocean dwellers mutated in wildly unusual ways and became stronger and more intelligent.

by Phelios
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Free KaiJin Game Download

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FREE KaiJin trial version
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Free KaiJin Game Download
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KaiJin Game descriptions and features

Some began to develop brain abnormalities, which resulted in an increased aptitude of 5000% in their IQ's. As their new intellect grew, so did their appetite for planet domination.

They now feel that Terrians are their Public Enemy Number One. So, they developed a secret army and are now ready to eradicate the Terrians with all of their mutant force.

Game features:
  • 3 Different Shoot them up Scenarios (Eagle, Tiger, Dragon)
  • 3 Difficulty settings (Easy/Normal/Hard)
  • More than 60 levels!
  • Fun from beginner to shoot em up experts!
  • 126 levels split in 2 mission packs!

"I downloaded the Kaijin demo and thought it looked much nicer and more polished than a lot of shareware does, and I've been enjoying the full version - got to level 29 of the 30-level game yesterday, and it's nice to have the choice of modes :). I like the Galaga roots, too. It made me smile like a ****** when i saw that ship come down and offer me a beam and then do the Galaga doubleship thing :) " ~Jeff Minter (creator of great arcade games for the Commodore 64 and the Atari Jaguar, such as Matrix, Tempest 2000, and others)

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