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Kid Mystic

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"Fling fireballs and spells in this action-RPG!"

When the evil Bobby Khan descended on the peaceful kingdom of Tulipton and stole all the Mystical Orbs, the king was overwhelmed. The orbs were needed to protect the kingdom from the marauding monsters (an unfortunate side effect of building your kingdom in the Monster Wilderness). So with every last knight battling the rampaging hordes, the king could spare only one wizard for a reckless mission to reclaim the lost orbs: Kid Mystic.

by Hamumu Software
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Kid Mystic Game descriptions and features

As Kid Mystic, you'll need to travel across the land in pursuit of Bobby Khan, collecting all the orbs he, for some reason, dropped all over the place. Along the way, you'll encounter mysterious puzzles, enraged mushrooms, creepy eyeball monsters, and more. You'll need to fight random battles to build up your experience, shop at the wildly popular Item Shop, collect hidden Spellbooks, and chase down Fairies, all to build up your strength for the final confrontation. And if you do beat Bobby, things will only get more crazy after that with two tougher game modes!

Game features:
  • Fight random battles to earn Experience and Coins, making yourself more powerful.
  • Explore 4 huge chapters, each with unique enemies and monstrous boss monsters.
  • Collect 19 powerful spells, which get better as you gain experience.
  • Chase down 16 hidden Fairies, each of which can grant you a unique gift... with a side of curse.
  • If you can collect the hidden pieces of the Armageddon Sword, you can unleash the ultimate spell.
  • Unlock Challenge Mode for an entirely new type of game - enter each level to complete special Challenges.
  • When you complete the game... well, you'll see!

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