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"LanceLogic is a brilliant brain-teasing logic game which takes you to the romantic epoch of noble knights and heroic adventures!"

You will move back in time and try to help Sir Lancelot to rescue the Beautiful Princess, which was kidnapped by black wizard Cornutus and imprisoned in the tower behind 5 Gates. To help Sir Lancelot and his Faithful horse rescue the Beautiful Lady you have to solve puzzles invented and left by the Black wizard on the knight's way. It is not easy to outwit the wizard - actually each level presents a unique puzzle and it's only in your power to guess the right answer.

by Another Day
Free LanceLogic Games Downloads

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Free LanceLogic Game Download

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FREE LanceLogic trial version
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Free LanceLogic Game Download
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LanceLogic Game descriptions and features

Game levels consist of many various objects you can use to find the solution which will destroy the evil spell and free the way to the Tower! In addition to the cute heroes and attractive gameplay you'll be accompanied by splendid cartoon-like graphics, romantic soundtrack, illustrated storyline and a lot of other exciting things! Download the game now and make sure you don't miss that hit! Full version of the game features:
  • No nagscreens an other restrictions
  • Acess to all levels
  • 6 awesome soundtracks
  • Cute cartoon-style animation
  • Surprising plot
  • Tons of fun and pleasure
  • Complete technical support
  • and more!

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