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"Adventure awaits! With merit badges even!"

Long before he was a megalomaniacal, Elvis-impersonating, psychotic, brain-transferring mad scientist, Dr. Lunatic was a young boy, exploring the wilderness of early 1800's Bulgaria. Follow his first adventure in Halloween Hill, where he takes on the freakish inhabitants with an array of even more freakish weapons like a potted cactus and whoopee cushion. This is an action-adventure game, where you must explore to improve Loony's abilities and gain access to ever more dangerous areas, all in an effort to find out what lies behind the madness going on in Halloween Hill.

by Hamumu Software
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Loonyland Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • Collect powerful items to boost the firepower of your slingshot.
  • Or collect the special weapons to do far more damage - but each shot will cost you!
  • Discover the items you need to explore new areas - boots, keys, bombs, even Super Grow Fertilizer!
  • Talk to villagers to earn quests you must complete!
  • Find, earn, and unlock over 40 secret features!
  • Including all-new game modes!
  • Also unlockable are seven extra playable characters, each with totally unique gameplay.
  • Five difficulty settings tailor the monsters to your skill level.

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