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Magic Rings

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"The absorbing logic game with many interesting levels, great 3d-graphics and wonderful music awaits you!"

In 1960-70s an amusing plastic puzzle was invented, which consisted of two rings filled with coloured balls. It got many names in different countries: Eight, Colorful Beads, Eternity, etc. It was easy-to-understand and very interesting. It became extremely popular in a comparatively small amount of time. Some people spent days and nights untwisting and gathering again the magic rings. Anybody could easily master the game. But it was rather hard to solve the puzzle, although it didn't seem to be so. We offer you a computer version of this puzzle, and plus, more than 25 variants of it! Levels variate from elementary, which even a child can solve, to complicated, which demand a considerable time to be spent over them. An acquaintance of mine, a professor of Mathematics, spend 7 hours over one of the most difficult levels. But he was a success in the end. I wonder if you could do the same!

by Nevosoft
Free Magic Rings Games Downloads

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Free Magic Rings Game Download

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FREE Magic Rings trial version
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Free Magic Rings Game Download
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Magic Rings Game descriptions and features

The game presents a number of levels. Every level consists of rings with colorful balls. In the beginning of each level rings are untwisted and balls are mixed at random. The aim is to arrange the balls as they were in the beginning. Then the level is over, and you proceed to the next one. At first, only 4 levels are accessible. Having mastered one level you get access to one more. The total number of fascinating levels in the current version amounts to 28, they all have different complexity, from elementary ones in the beginning to far more complicated in the end. Try to solve them all!

At each level, rings are untwisted and balls are mixed at random. Clicking the left mouse button during this process will make them be mixed up instantly. As you point at one of the rings with cursor, it brightens up. You can move that ring having pressed and holding the left mouse button. In the lower right corner you can see the complete level in miniature. You can save/load the current game at any moment of it. Having pressed and holding the right button, you can change the view, choosing the perspective that suits you best. Clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of the screen allows you to come back to the level-choosing menu.

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