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"Tetris meets funny side of world history in this never-seen-before game genre! Check new features now just for $9.95!"

For over twenty years you have been playing tetris games, neglecting all other aspects of your life, and shocking your family and friends by doing so. This revolutionary game genre will give your a reason to continue! Keep your ship afloat by patching it will available repair blocks. Shape of repair blocks is based upon tetris heritage , making this a puzzle game also. Check new features now just for $9.95!

by Sheep Arcade
Free Navigatris Games Downloads

FREE Navigatris trial version
(.exe, Mb)
Free Navigatris Game Download

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FREE Navigatris trial version
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Free Navigatris Game Download
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Navigatris Game descriptions and features

Have more fun with new updated version of Navigatris. Changes include:
  • Game much easier on easy and medium mode
  • More awarding bonuses
  • New bonus types such as two types of magic blocks which patch large area of ship, and auto repair bonus which repairs the ship block- by- block in duration of 20 seconds.
  • In-game tutorial, explaining the basic game play, as well as some tips and tricks.
  • On the first two difficulty levels combo making is easier, and more rewarding.
  • Graphics polished even more, such as nice floating comic-like clouds informing the player about given bonuses, as well as additional details in background.
  • The cracks that appear in all of 21 ships have been adjusted to align better to their characteristics.
  • First two water layers have been made more translucent, so that all players easily can see the cracks in bottom of ship.

Overcome bad weather , low crew morale and warlike tribes in total of 21 unique levels and 3 different time periods. Upon starting of level , your advisor , unique for that time period , will brief you about your assigments and difficulties. By default , game is using window mode , so you can easily switch to other applications. Order this game and receive our other game for free.

Featuring music talents of well known game music composers, cartoonish graphics and unique idea above all, this game will guarantee you endless hours of pleasure. Don't miss this new genre setter.

No tricks , no catches , no kidding.

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