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"Say good-bye to bricks forever when you play NeoBall, a remarkable new 3D Breakout game!"

Prepare for an eye-popping experience when you play NeoBall, an incredible new 3D Breakout game from the publishers of Magic Ball 2. The levels aren't built out of simple blocks, as in other similar games, rather, animated scenes from the real world take shape before your eyes. After the stage is set, you're set loose to wreak havoc using a paddle and a soccer ball with extraordinary abilities.

by Alawar
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NeoBall Game descriptions and features

From a booming metropolis complete with towering buildings and moving traffic, to a zoo packed with wild animals, to a space station buzzing with activity, there's never a dull moment in NeoBall. Several original power-ups increase the thrills, including one that morphs the ball into a mouse that scurries across the screen, tearing up scenery along the way. Download the free trial version now!

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