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"PaperBall is a fresh remake of classic Arkanoid game - original "handmade" graphics, fun addictive gameplay, exiting new features!"

PaperBall is a fresh remake of 2D breakout game. What makes it different from hundreds of other breakout games is very unique, stylish "hand drawn" graphics. But graphics is not the only difference - PaperBall introduces few new game-play features as well. All together with sounds and music it makes PaperBall fun and addictive game. Also, game has integrated level editor.

by E Giraffa
Free PaperBall Games Downloads

FREE PaperBall trial version
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Free PaperBall Game Download

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PaperBall Game screenshot 1 PaperBall Game screenshot 2 PaperBall Game screenshot 3
FREE PaperBall trial version
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Free PaperBall Game Download
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PaperBall Game descriptions and features

One of ideas behind PaperBall was to make an "easy" breakout game - the game where player never has to struggle too much to finish a level. All the levels were designed with this in mind, also, to make sure player never gets frustrated with the game, there is NEXT LEVEL option in in-game menu, so if somehow the level is not fun anymore, player does not need to finish it, but just proceeds to the next one.

Game features:
  • extraordinarily addictive gameplay - fun for all ages
  • more than 120 levels in 8 level packs available in full version
  • you can skip a level if it's not fun anymore, and go right to the next one
  • includes action packed classical levels, as well as puzzles
  • level editor - make it as fun as you want! Share your levels with friends
  • 4 difficulty levels (it's not only about the ball's speed)
  • original "handmade" graphics
  • original gameplay features
  • nice music and immersive sound effects

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