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Free Epic Adventures: La Jangada Game

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"Click the clusters of cute QBz. Funny animated scenes for each completed level!"

Here are a few things you need to know about QBz: They like to travel in groups, they cry when left on the board, and they star in one of the most hilarious and addictive puzzle games around! Click on the clusters of cute little squares (the QBz themselves) to clear them from the screen. Clear them all and you get happy QBz and a cool animation. Leave a few on the screen and watch them cry! Fun, silly, and adorable!

by Gamehouse
Free QBeez Games Downloads

FREE QBeez trial version
(.exe, Mb)
Free QBeez Game Download

QBeez Game screenshots, click images to enlarge

QBeez Game screenshot 1 QBeez Game screenshot 2 QBeez Game screenshot 3
FREE QBeez trial version
(.exe, 3.6 Mb)
Free QBeez Game Download
FULL QBeez unlimited version
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QBeez Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • Unlimited Play
  • Play in Timed or Score Mode
  • Tons of Gameplay Options Including Number of Levels, Board Layout and More
  • Hilarious Sound Effects From the QBz
  • Use Special Moves - Three Per Level - To Spin or Shuffle the Board
  • Five Different Soundtracks to Choose From
  • Great Family Fun!

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